Lost Classic — Basia: Time and Tide

Have you ever put on an LP or CD you haven’t heard in several years, and it was like rediscovering that album?  I’m sure you have, but if the gap is long enough, it is almost like rewinding to that first moment when you began playing an unknown album, not knowing what to expect and being pleasantly surprised.

File:Basia - Time And Tide album cover.jpgI had that feeling today listening to Basia’s debut album, Time and Tide.  I bought it originally when it came out.  When I spooled up the first track and began playing it, I had that same feeling I did the first time I played the CD and “Promises” led off.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into, but once that samba beat started up, I knew I was onto something.  Her style is reminiscent of late 80s pop, jazz, and Bossa Nova, even going so far as to sing an ode to the Brazilian vocalist Astrud Gilberto with “Astrud.”  Like her albums to follow, much of the accompaniment was provided by Danny White on synths.  Peter White (yes, the same Peter White who rose to infamy with Al Stewart, and has since forged a highly successful $mooth jazz career) provided many of the guitar licks on the album.  I must say that after these years, songs like “Freeze Thaw,” “From Now On”, “New Day For You” and “How Dare You” hold up frightfully well.

Through my current system, I must say that the Oppo tends to help smooth out some of that harsh digital CD sound that was so prevalent back in the mid to late 80s.  I am currently looking for a clean vinyl copy of this album, hoping it will add some needed warmth.


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