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Demystifying Facebook Privacy (Part 1)

Facebook is not only a social phenomenon, it is also one of the most successful companies in the world.  Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg in a college dorm room, Facebook has proven to be immensely popular, 400 million members … Continue reading

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The Audio Speakeasy

New to our family of sites is The Audio Speakeasy, a forum dedicated to music and audio/video hardware.  If you are interested in discussing some of the newest releases and their sound quality, or want to improve your listening experience, … Continue reading

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You know that anything technological and novel appeals to my inner high-tech geek!  While researching Honda for a project, I discovered ASIMO, which Honda (ASIMO’s developer) bills as ” The World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot”.  In development since 1986, ASIMO indeed … Continue reading

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Epic FAIL: apple’s new ipad

So, now apple has released yet another overpriced “something you don’t need, but you look cool owning it” product.   A limited-storage touchscreen computer.  The tree-hugging hipster crowd and apple fanboys will love this one, but the rest of us … Continue reading

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New Blog: Mike Dow’s “Every Little Thing”

Co-host of the Mike & Mike morning show in Bangor, Maine has recently launched his new blog called Every Little Thing, featuring articles he’s written for other publications, as well as anecdotes and news from the morning show and his own … Continue reading

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