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Yellowjackets at 25

It’s a miracle if a band lasts more than five years these days.  And yet, others seem to have that “something” that keeps them together through thick and thin.  Many bands end up being shadows of their former selves, bordering on self-parody.  (I mean, c’mon, have the Rolling Stones actually made a solid album since the early 80s?)  Yellowjackets, though, have evolved and grown.  This is readily apparent if you listen to their earliest self-titled album, or even Robben Ford’s The Inside Story, which is where the band actually first played together, then compare it to a recent album like Altered State or their latest release, Twenty Five.  On the new release, actually released last year, you have a retrospective of Yellowjackets songs spanning all the way back to “Matinee Idol” from their first album, up to more current songs…all of them done in the current Yellowjackets style.  The package includes both a CD and DVD, which are from two different concerts.  The DVD itself is quite interesting, as there is a collection of promotional videos as well as present-day interviews with the current band and alumni (Robben Ford, Ricky Lawson, Marc Russo and Will Kennedy).  Fans of both “classic” and “current” Yellowjackets will enjoy this set–I recommend it highly!

Malicious Software Alert: SAM Computer Literacy/Thomson Course Technology

Normally I would not waste space on this site for software that does not pass muster. Nor would I devote any space to malicious software such as spyware, viruses or malware (although I will provide a list of helpful applications in the future). But, when I feel that software is evil enough to cause serious damage to computers, I feel it is necessary to alert every one to it…and since we are spidered by Google, this should help get the word out about a legitimate program that is malicious in many ways.

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