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Windows alternatives…and they’re free!

Computer hardware prices have dropped noticeably in the past few years, to where a computer is sold more like an appliance.  While the power user and gamer computers are still pricey (as they should be, with a lot of heavy … Continue reading

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Anyone Bowling?

This is a new topic for Rudy’s Corner:  bowling!   While I’m nowhere near a good bowler, I did have fun on a couple of leagues I joined a few years ago.  With my recent shoulder injury, I’m still unable to … Continue reading

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Bebel Gilberto’s ‘Momento’

Bebel Gilberto released a new CD back in March called Momento. I’ve just received a copy of it, and am happy to report that this CD is every bit as good as its predecessors. I will provide a more in-depth … Continue reading

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Modern Romance: The Platinum Collection

I just received a copy of this CD, which is a collection of tunes by the UK salsa/dance band Modern Romance. I have had their Adventures in Clubland LP since the year it came out, but until now, their original … Continue reading

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