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The Audio Speakeasy

New to our family of sites is The Audio Speakeasy, a forum dedicated to music and audio/video hardware.  If you are interested in discussing some of the newest releases and their sound quality, or want to improve your listening experience, we’re the new, up and coming place to do it at!  We aim to provide an upbeat, informative discussion forum where you can speak your honest opinion.  Register today at the site!  Visit the main page, and follow the links to the forum to do so.  You never know who you may run into at the Speakeasy…

A Lost Classic: Junior’s “Ji”

Criminally overlooked.  That is how I would describe Norman “Junior” Giscombe.  A pioneer of the UK R&B invasion of the 80s (which would include Sade, Loose Ends, Billy Ocean, Soul II Soul and others), Junior landed at #2 on the R&B charts (and #30 on the Top 40) with “Mama Used To Say,” a major hit that was unavoidable in 1982.  The follow-up hits were “Too Late” and “I Can’t Help It.”   The album, Ji, made a splash in the U.S. when it was released, but his subsequent albums failed to make much of an impression, and nowadays, most remember him only for his biggest hit.

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