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The Wii, Return of The Jodi, and some Homebrew…

I’ve read for over a year about how a Wii owner could install a Homebrew Channel and install custom, non-Nintendo software on the Wii and also run games from a USB stick or hard drive.  As of today, I finally took the plunge.  The kids have a copy of Lego Star Wars for the Wii, and that was my key to unlocking the Wii and a whole new gain on functionality.  Through a modified game save file, referred to as Return Of The Jodi, you gain access to an installer which kicks in and opens the door to the installation and customization through various system patches and modifications.  With any “unauthorized” modification, you always risk “bricking” the Wii, but the modifications I used were relatively safe, and work well.

In the coming weeks, I will outline some of the new goodies I’ve found for the Wii.  From emulators to media player apps and all sorts of file and system utilities for the Wii, there is a lot more out there that will help you take the Wii to a whole new level.  It has been fun, and there have been a couple of disappointments.  But overall, the Wii has been put to a lot more usage in the past few weeks, and eliminates the need to keep multiple consoles hooked up to the TV set.

Audiogalaxy Music Streaming App

I’ve tried a few different apps for streaming music from my computer to other devices.  The latest is Audiogalaxy.  Once a file sharing peer to peer service, Audiogalaxy now offers what some are incorrectly calling a cloud music service.  What Audiogalaxy does is stream music files from your computer to any remote device, such as my Android phone.  How does it compare to the others?

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