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Tuesday morning pick-me-up: “Cool” edition

‘Cuz we’re cool!

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13 tips for Craigslist sellers: use some common sense!

Craigslist sellers take advantage of a great worldwide classified ads site that doesn’t cost them a penny.  Yet many of these sellers make things so frustrating for buyers, that many buyers pass up items due to the wonky terms some … Continue reading

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Walker CJ55 Reboot

After many years I have finally found a replacement belt for my Walker CJ55 turntable.  I have had to order it in from the UK, at far less cost than a couple of US vendors who wanted $25 or more … Continue reading

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Cartridge Hopping

I was waiting for the day this would happen: the stylus on my Shure V15 Type V has finally worn out.  (Amusingly, this is the first stylus for that cartridge I ever wore out–I managed to damage the brittle cantilever … Continue reading

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Tired of the Windows 8 Hate

Maybe my opinion is unpopular, but for the life of me, I can’t quite understand all the hate toward Windows 8.  Yes, the new start screen is not all that great.  But the way I use a computer may be … Continue reading

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