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This is not your standard site guide. For the current Rudy’s Corner, all of our articles are located in our blog pages, and can be located by category or through our search system. But since Rudy’s Corner has been on the web since 1995, a lot of the articles that used to be hosted here have moved to other locations. This guide will help you find the missing pages! As I’m still researching some of our old links, it’s possible that this page may not yet be complete. If you see something missing, contact us!

A&M Corner Our original headquarters for A&M Records collectors moved a long time ago to its own location! It’s still alive, thriving, and home to the best A&M collectors’ discussion board on the internet.

The A&M/CTi Records Discography A nearly complete discography of the A&M/CTi label, which featured jazz and Brazilian artists under the direction of Creed Taylor.

Laurindo Almeida & The Bossa Nova All-Stars The internet’s only discography for Almeida’s Bossa Nova All-Stars recordings on Capitol. At three albums, it certainly wins the award for brevity! Nonetheless, why toss it away? We’ve preserved it here for your perusal.

Herb Alpert Discography Now part of the Tijuana Brass site! (See below.)

Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 Discography The Mendes/Brasil ’66 discography resides on A&M Corner. While it currently covers only the A&M years, it will soon be expanded to include Mendes’ entire recorded career as part of our upcoming A&MPedia project.

Esquivel!: Rudy’s own feature page (now defunct) for the late Juan Garcia Esquivel, which may get reposted on this site in the future. Great news though: Joe Holmes’ Space Age Bachelor Pad Music is back online!  A far more complete discography of Esquivel’s recordings can be found therein, along with other relics of the music from that era.  Holmes is also a professional photographer–some of his images are stunning, including his 9/11 tribute photo that spent months on my desktop as wallpaper.

Lani Hall Discography The original Brasil ’66 lead singer, and later solo artist, has a discography at A&M Corner.

Pete Jolly A&M Discography A discography of Pete Jolly’s recordings for A&M Records. This will eventually expand to include his other solo recordings for RCA, VSOP and other labels.

Henry Mancini: Hank’s Place: The old Mancini forum we had was migrated over to my Nipper’s Place RCA collector forum, which is now defunct.  This forum will likely reappear as part of another, existing forum in the near future, so stay tuned!

Frank Rosolino Discography Rudy’s good friend Rob Mesite created this discography way back in 1996 for the original Rudy’s Latin Corner. It’s a good introduction to the late trombonist’s recordings.

Tijuana Brass Discography Our first discography, and still one of our most popular, it now resides on its own website. The discography also grew to include the solo Herb Alpert discography, and links back to our A&M Corner site for discussions.

Cal Tjader: Soul Vibrations A work in progress–this site has a very low traffic discussion board, but it will be home to a Cal Tjader discography and information center in the future.

Julius Wechter (& The Baja Marimba Band) A&M Corner’s official site for the late Julius Wechter and his Baja Marimba Band.

Yellowjackets Online In a way, this is the most successful of the original Rudy’s Corner sites! It started out as a discography for the Jackets’ recordings up to that time. One of the member’s wives was a fellow Compuserve member and made contact. I began hosting their BuzZ newsletter, and before long, we split the discography, site and a list of tour dates onto And today, it’s the official site of Yellowjackets!

52nd Street Jazz This site used to contain hundreds of well-written jazz reviews. Some of them have been handed over to the All About Jazz website for prosperity. Rudy used to write reviews for Compuserve’s Music/Arts forum, and once that forum fizzled out, the reviews were posted at 52nd Street. Most of Rudy’s own reviews are now (thankfully) mothballed, but you will find some of the highlights here in our Review Archives area, posted under their original publication dates (when known).

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