Settling in with the Ortofon 2M Black

It’s been a love/hate relationship with the Ortofon 2M Black.  But, the problem is not entirely with the 2M.  Alignment issues are hexing me.  For one, I cannot move the cartridge forward enough on the arm to get it to line up on the alignment grid.  Plus, the top of the headshell is not completely parallel to the turntable surface at all points through its arc, which may be a fault of the tonearm’s mount.

Thanking the mighty tax refund machine, my solution is to take a step up in my analog source.  In other words, why fight the turntable any longer?

I have been listening to a handful of tables at local dealers, comparing a lot of familiar names such as Rega, Clearaudio, VPI, Pro-Ject, Michell, Funk Firm and a few others.  I was not quite prepared to hear a lot of difference between them but alas, with the right recordings, I was able to pinpoint a few key characteristics and narrow down my choices a bit.  One model managed to make its way to the top of my list of choices, with two others not too far behind.  After I go back armed with a few more familiar selections I can safely pick one I would be able to live with for awhile.

Teaser: my top pick just seemed to have a “blacker” background than the others, the background being more recessed.  The stereo image was more solid than one of my other choices also (which has a non-conventional arm).  This should be an interesting experience!

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