Many Corners, One Site

We’ve reorganized things here a  bit: to help divide up our content, we have now more clearly separated our posts into their respective Corners.   In the spirit of the original Rudy’s Corner, all music, video and book reviews are under the main “Music, Video & Print” category.  Gadgets, such as audio and video hardware, computers, Zune portables and other tech items are now in Gadget Corner.  Due to the increasing number of topics and a future project in the works, Android phones have their own Corner here.  Gaming Corner will feature articles and reviews of video games.  And as always, “Say What?” will be anything else you can think of.

We are considering a new theme for the site, which will prominently feature these major sections as menu tabs across the top but, until then, the “Corners” are now listed below our site’s main navigation menu on the left.  If the reorganization still proves to be too hectic, Rudy’s Corner may very well split into a network of related sites.  Thanks for visiting!

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