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Motorola Droid: I Haz It!

I admit that I’m the geeky type that likes all sorts of new gadgets.  But we were in a bit of a quandry here.  Our Sprint/Nextel phones were long in the tooth, and Sprint showed no interest in giving any loyalty deals.  I had almost settled on a Blackberry Curve, as I liked the keyboard, and there seemed to be a lot of Apps available.  But as I investigated the phones further, it occured to me that perhaps there may be something better out there.  And I found it!

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Motorola Droid Quick Report

While looking for a smartphone, I wanted something affordable yet powerful. Thanks to a good deal online, I managed to find a Motorola Droid with a two year plan for only $19.99. It’s quite a new experience for me, but it is also very amazing to have this much power in a handheld device. As it has the Android OS, it integrates tightly with Google. I will have a full report once I get acquainted with the many apparently available for this phone. Stay tuned!