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Rudy’s Corner is a 100% volunteer site. In order to keep the site going, we have teamed up with Amazon as an associate. When you make your Amazon purchases through our link, a small portion of the proceeds go toward supporting this site and the others we host. It costs you nothing extra, but we get a little benefit from it. In our music reviews, and other articles where a product is mentioned, we will try to provide you with a link to purchase the item directly from Amazon.

Shop our Rudy’s Corner Store for items recommended on this site, or click here to visit Amazon directly, and begin shopping. And, thanks much for your support!

Website Development and Hosting

As our “day job” is web development and hosting, we are able to offer complete site packages. If you need something as simple as a blog for your business or personal use, or a full-fledged site with e-commerce, we’ve probably already done it. Send us an e-mail at info-web at rudyscorner dot com if you are interested in our many online services!