Ortofon 2M Black/Quintet Black cantilever note

I can’t help but notice a difference between the cantilever in the 2M Black vs. the Quintet Black.  The 2M is Ortofon’s primary moving magnet cartridge series, and the Quintet is their new lower-cost low output moving coil series.  The Black is the top cartridge in each line.  Both feature the Shibata stylus.  Yet, the Quintet has a solid boron cantilever which is quite lightweight and rigid, where the 2M Black has an aluminum tube, and a fat one at that.  Seems to me the stylus tip can’t overcome the mass of that heavier cantilever.  Given the price point of both cartridges, I can only wonder why the 2M doesn’t have the boron cantilever.  It should.