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A few months with the KEF LS50

Just before the shitshow shutdown, I was debating improving my desktop system with a new amp and set of speakers.  I’ve gotten the amp taken care of, as a previous article mentions.  I looked at a handful of smaller speakers … Continue reading

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TubeCube heading to retirement; Reisong A10 replacement on the way

I have an opportunity to test out a better pair of speakers for my desktop system, and felt I needed a change from the dulled character of the TubeCube 7. As an experiment, I used the DSP in Roon to … Continue reading

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My “30 days of Roon” trial

The only apparently sane way I could get bit perfect audio into my DirectStream from both my server and from Qobuz was to use Roon.  I waited until my schedule was somewhat clear, bit the bullet and installed it. Roon’s … Continue reading

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Soundbar: Martin Logan Vision

With a 65 inch 4K screen, I knew going in that the built-in speakers would be lacking. They are in reality not too bad, but still can’t touch a dedicated soundbar. I searched. I tried researching all of my favorite … Continue reading

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MQA Is Dead

Maybe I’m the first to say it. But let’s face it:  That lossy digital audio codec known as MQA is dead. Sure, the pundits will point to streaming MQA titles on Tidal. And that’s all fine and dandy, until you … Continue reading

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