Music Review Changes

Located here in our pages linked at left, I have our Desert Island Discs page.  In the past, this page listed all of my Desert Island picks.  Rather than continue adding to a lengthy page, I’ve split each disc off into its own separate sub-page.  This not only makes reading easier, and pages easier to find, it also allows me to expand on these entries to flesh them out into full-blown reviews.  I haven’t yet begun rewriting most of these yet, but it’ll be happening over the next few weeks.

And rather than do a “runners-up” section, I’m going to focus my attention on a Recommended Recordings list, which includes more recordings of merit that might not warrant having a “Desert Island Disc” tag hung on them, but are still noteworthy enough for me to recommend them.  These will be selected items from my collection, including a few that may be out of print (but good enough that I’d recommend seeking them).  At any rate, enjoy the upgrades!

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