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System Upgrade Part 4: DacMagic

As many know, I really do not care for the sound of digital.  Not all digital–DSD (via SACD) is fairly nice, and higher resolution files tend to reduce the characteristics of digital sound which I do not care for.  With … Continue reading

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System Upgrades Part 3: swapping Hafler preamps

For the past dozen years or so, I have been using a Hafler DH-110 preamp in my system.  Functionally it does not offer much that my older DH-101 doesn’t, other than an extra set of outputs. Along with my other … Continue reading

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Bobby Troup and His Stars of Jazz: a swinging romp through the past!

I took a chance on this one. About 15 or so years ago, I had to pad out an order for some BMG Spain import titles. Along with some assorted other west coast jazz CDs, I grabbed this one. I … Continue reading

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System Upgrades Part 2: swapping the Grafyx SP-10 speakers

Shortly after receiving the Musical Fidelity X10-D tube buffer, I felt I needed to upgrade the other components. When the tube buffer arrived, I took the opportunity to also swap out my speakers.  In an earlier post, I extolled the … Continue reading

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