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Dynavector XX2 Mk. II

I was without the 17D3 for a couple of months, as I had returned it for a minor warranty issue.  With no new stock forthcoming, the distributor got in touch and offered me an upgrade to the XX2 Mk. II. … Continue reading

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Cables, cables…

Ever since I dumped those crappy Audioquest snake oil cables back to Amazon, I needed to find interconnects.  I checked many brands, and let’s just say that the prices are crazy on some of them.  And each company has its … Continue reading

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Can new cables suck? My brief Audioquest experience…

While moving my equipment around, I decided to upgrade a few interconnects in the system.  Rather than reuse some of my older cables of varying ages and quality, I decided to try some of the more affordable Audioquest interconnects, these being … Continue reading

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Hafler DH-101 gets new capacitors.

After 33-1/3 years (give or take a couple of weeks…seriously!), I finally refreshed the capacitors in the DH-101.  A year or two ago, I swapped out the DH-110 for a handful of reasons.  First, I always thought it was a little … Continue reading

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One amp “killing” another? Nelson Pass vs. Bob Carver vs. Rotel

For years I’d used a Carver M500t. Definitely not an ideal amplifier, but it served its purpose, and was reasonably musical. Late last summer, I’d introduced a Rotel RB-1070 into the system. It was one of those issues where it … Continue reading

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