You know that anything technological and novel appeals to my inner high-tech geek!  While researching Honda for a project, I discovered ASIMO, which Honda (ASIMO’s developer) bills as ” The World’s Most Advanced Humanoid Robot”.  In development since 1986, ASIMO indeed lives up to its “advanced” claims.  It is not so much a toy, as it is a electromechanical companion designed to assist humans in their daily tasks…more specifically, people who may be handicapped, disabled or elderly.  ASIMO is just over four feet tall–tall enough to help with daily tasks, and yet, not intimidating.  When a person is seated or sitting up in bed, ASIMO is at a proper eye level to that person.

If you view the videos on ASIMO’s website, you notice the gait looks slightly crouched over–this is done to assist with balance, and also permits ASIMO to climb stairs, run at nearly four miles per hour, and avoid obstacles.  ASIMO’s movements are also precise, especially in the hands which feature four very flexible fingers and an opposable thumb.  In one video, ASIMO conducts the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, of which Honda is a corporate sponsor.  ASIMO can be seen at Disneyland in a permanent display, as well as on tour at science centers and large events around the world.

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