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Packaged Foods: Why I’ve Cut Back

Over the past couple of years, I have cut back substantially on prepackaged or prepared foods. I’ve almost eliminated buying them for a few different reasons, and have found homemade alternatives that are better in many ways.

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Singles vs. Albums

An article this morning in the New York Times mentions that album sales are on a decline (16% last year), and the sale of individual songs via downloading services (such as iTunes) is on the rise (54% in the past … Continue reading

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Monaural LPs: Are They Worth Anything?

In the world of LP collecting, anything is fair play.  LPs were a common format back in their day, and were developed to overcome the short playing time of the 78RPM shellac discs of the day which, in their 10″ … Continue reading

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Know Your Audio Channels!

“5.1” and “7.1” are popular marketing terms today for modern home theater equipment. What does it all mean? This article will explain the different channel configurations for audio playback and, hopefully, help you make a decision as to which is … Continue reading

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Modern Movies Suck

I’m usually not one to say much about films, unless they are classic movies, which are the staple of my collection.  But having seen numerous discussions online about the content of modern films, I have to wonder what brand of … Continue reading

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