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Elmer’s Glue + LP = ??

Call me crazy! Would you ever dream of dumping Elmer’s Glue all over your prized LPs? Well, I did! I not only dreamed about it, I bit the bullet and tried it! But, why did I do it? And, did … Continue reading

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The Beatles: Love

I imagine this disc could set off a lot of controversy amongst avid Beatles fans–the ones who feel that any new presentation of a classic repertoire is treading on hallowed ground.  But aside from that, this newest of Beatles releases … Continue reading

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What Surgery?

I’m not one to post much personal information here, but I was the victim of taking a spill off of my mountain bike back a few weeks ago.  Nothing crazy: I’d hit a patch of mud or moss, in front … Continue reading

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Lee Rocker: A Bulletproof Slap Bassist

In the rockabilly tradition, “slap” bass is predominant, providing a bright percussive element in addition to a meaty bass line that propels a song forward.  While you hear it on countless rockabilly recordings from the 50s, and even a few … Continue reading

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