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Zune Resets

I had a hiccup with the Zune yesterday.  I was trying to find a way to organize my photos better, rather than burying them deep in the Zune photo menus.  I discovered some registry hacks for WinXP to get the … Continue reading

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Serb 101: A Cheapskate’s Guide

Here is a quick training guide on how to be a Serb.  We’ve all heard the stereotypical portrayal of other ethnic varieties among the human species, so it’s about time you, dear reader, have gotten up to speed on what … Continue reading

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Rudy’s Corner @ Cedar Point, 2009

I just received an e-mail from Cedar Point with deals for the coming few weeks.  Looks like Rudy will have to make a trip over to Cedar Point early this year!  Last year’s trip was a big success–we had a … Continue reading

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In-Ear Monitor Quest, Parts 1 and 2 (Sony and JVC)

I’m having a heck of a time finding decent in-ear monitors (headphones). My Sony IEMs died two days ago, and I picked up the JVC “Marshmallow” IEMs.  Having owned the JVC and the Sony, all I can say is:  “I’m still … Continue reading

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“Call Me Crazy” Dept.: Another Zune??

I may be crazy, but I’ve been thinking about getting another portable music player.  My 120GB Zune has been working great, and has been getting a few hours of daily usage around the house.  But that’s just the thing: I … Continue reading

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