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“Juke In The Back” – Matt The Cat’s New Radio Gig

As many fans of the late, lamented XM5 channel will remember, Matt The Cat was one of XM’s greatest talents.  Out on his own for a couple of years now, Matt has been keeping the Friday Night Cat Fight alive … Continue reading

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How Your Google Account Empowers Android

For the most part, I’ve heard very few complaints about the way Google’s services tie into an Android phone.  Some of the complainers, in fact, don’t even own an Android phone and claim, “Hey, my phone can use Google Maps, … Continue reading

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Pandora, Last.FM and Slacker (Upcoming Shootout)

I’m in the middle of comparing three popular online radio services:   Pandora, Last.FM and Slacker Radio.  All three offer you the choice of picking a favorite artist and “training” your own custom stations.  Given my recent experiences, my success … Continue reading

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Stevie Ray Vaughan SACD Reissues

Listed on the Music Direct website are five essential albums by Stevie Ray Vaughan:  the four original albums Texas Flood, Couldn’t Stand The Weather, Soul To Soul and In Step, and also the posthumous collection The Sky Is Crying.  These are … Continue reading

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Detroit Jazz Festival Memories

Over the Labor Day weekend, Detroit will once again host their international Jazz Festival.  The lineup this year is impressive, which is surprising due to the economy.  We are planning on visiting the festival for a few hours on Saturday, … Continue reading

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