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Media server project

I am currently using a Seagate Central as a temporary network drive.  I had a WD My Book Live die on me, and it took me over a week to pull off not quite 2TB of data using the DiskInternals … Continue reading

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Tired of the Windows 8 Hate

Maybe my opinion is unpopular, but for the life of me, I can’t quite understand all the hate toward Windows 8.  Yes, the new start screen is not all that great.  But the way I use a computer may be … Continue reading

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How HAECO-CSG Kills The Music

“Wrecked,” as one audio engineer calls it.  That is what HAECO-CSG does to music.  What is it, and why was it so bad for recorded music? To understand the process, you have to turn the clock back to the late … Continue reading

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Audiogalaxy Music Streaming App

I’ve tried a few different apps for streaming music from my computer to other devices.  The latest is Audiogalaxy.  Once a file sharing peer to peer service, Audiogalaxy now offers what some are incorrectly calling a cloud music service.  What … Continue reading

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XenForo: The Future of Forum Software

Is Facebook killing forums?  That was an essay topic on the Admin Zone forums.  My opinion is that forums have survived the onslaught of all sorts of “threats” over the years, which turned out to be minor blips on the … Continue reading

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