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Pete Turner’s “The Color of Jazz”

I normally don’t do book reviews, but this book happens to have musical ties. One of my favorite photographers is Pete Turner. Not exactly a household name, unless you’re familiar with many well-known jazz albums in the 60s and 70s. Turner’s photography graced the album covers from various labels such as Impulse, Verve, A&M/CTi and then CTi after Creed Taylor left A&M to start his own independent jazz label. For years, many jazz fans and collectors have wanted a coffee table book of Turner’s finest, and this book, “The Color of Jazz”, delivers.
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Bill Withers

I always thought “Use Me” was a cool song with a neat groove. I also used to consider “Lean On Me” a bit of pop fluff. And “Lovely Day” was always a pleasant song. I’d never connected the three songs up until I bought a CD several years ago, The Best of Bill Withers–Lean on Me, whereupon I became enlightened. And I learned, for myself, what all the fuss was about.
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