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Just when I thought I’d seen everything, here’s a video of an orchestral work set to the piano performance of…a cat??  Yes! CATcerto is the creation of  Lithuanian conductor and composer Mindaugas Piečaitis, and was performed by Klaipėda Chamber Orchestra … Continue reading

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J. Gordon Holt, R.I.P. (Stereophile Magazine founder)

Just got word this morning that J. Gordon Holt, founder of Stereophile Magazine, passed away at his home in Boulder, CO yesterday (July 20).  Stereophile was one of the first “audiophile” magazines, and was launched by Holt in the 60s.  … Continue reading

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Gino Vannelli’s “Crazy Life” (A Retro Review)

It’s a crazy life, a hazy life, a mixed-up, jumbled phasey life…a crazy life for people who want to smile… Many readers know that I tend to favor albums from a decade or two ago, over newer ones.  I do … Continue reading

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Google Maps GPS (an idea for Google)

As some readers may recall, I’m a big fan of many of Google’s free applications, including Google Maps (and its “home” edition, Google Earth).  Awhile ago, I was using an older Magellan GPS unit in the car, which helped with … Continue reading

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Ubuntu On A Second Computer

With Ubuntu being as stable as it’s been for me, I decided to install it as a backup OS on another computer here.  This one is a Biostar iDeq 200N from a few years ago.  The challenge this time was … Continue reading

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