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Halloween Music!

Here it is: midnight, October 31! Time for some ghoulish music of any kind! What’s your favorite? Leave a comment or two listing a few that you like!

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Firefox 2.0 Update

I’d given up in frustration with Firefox 2.0 due to a couple of changes that made it too clumsy for me to use. Fortunately, I’ve found a few workarounds and configuration changes to where I have Firefox almost working the … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii Countdown

It’s only a few more weeks until the new next-generation Nintendo Wii hits the shelves at retailers. The Wii is backward compatible with the GameCube games, but offers more options for the new, improved games and user interface this console … Continue reading

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“Classic Albums” DVDs, Pt. 2

I had a chance to pick up another handful of the Classic Albums titles on DVD recently, on the cheap. As usual, they are a mixed bag, but most of them are pretty good. If you’re not familiar with this … Continue reading

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IE7 and Firefox 2.0 Released

On the heels of the supposedly new and improved Internet Explorer 7 is Firefox 2.0. And the sad news is, I’m not installing either one for awhile! At least not on my “production” computer.

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