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Two Routers for Your LAN

I reconnected my Vonage line, due to a new line of work I’m getting into. With Vonage, you are required to use their router, as it provides you with the VoIP (voice over IP) connection that you need to connect … Continue reading

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I don’t consider myself a country music fan, especially the pop-based country that has been popular since the early 90s. The whole dumbed-down pickup-truck-drivin’, beer drinkin’, boot-scootin’ mentality is a huge turnoff for me, which just reeks of dumbed-down commercialism. … Continue reading

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Congrats to Matt The Cat and Kelly!

And you thought the days of old-time radio DJs were gone? Not at XM Radio, where some of the channels have real living, breathing personalities behind a microphone.  As some already know, XM5 (“50s on 5”) is one of my … Continue reading

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Shopping at Amazon UK

I had a gift certificate to shop at Amazon UK. I have only shopped there one time in the past, and it was a good experience in a couple of ways. I just bought a few items with my gift … Continue reading

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“First Pressing” CD Resource

My friend Keith has just revamped his website, where you will find listings and details about early first pressing CDs, gold CDs, SACDs and DVD-Audio discs. Also included are a lot of early Japanese pressings, as well as the famous … Continue reading

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