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Two Routers for Your LAN

I reconnected my Vonage line, due to a new line of work I’m getting into. With Vonage, you are required to use their router, as it provides you with the VoIP (voice over IP) connection that you need to connect your telephone to the internet. (Mine is a Linksys RTP300.) As I already owned their router, I did not need to get a new one (although I could have ordered a Motorola wireless router from them…for a fee). However, I also run some of my other computers on the network, and the Nintendo DS, using my D-Link DI-624 wireless router, and I often need to exchange files between computers on the LAN (as I often use other computers to backup data onto), or access those computers using Remote Desktop. So, without having to buy yet another router, I had to find a way to make both of them work together–they both had to connect to the internet, as well as share files and allow Remote Desktop connections between them. Continue reading Two Routers for Your LAN


I don’t consider myself a country music fan, especially the pop-based
country that has been popular since the early 90s. The whole
dumbed-down pickup-truck-drivin’, beer drinkin’, boot-scootin’
mentality is a huge turnoff for me, which just reeks of dumbed-down
commercialism. There’s a reason they call ’em “hat acts” in
Nashville–slap a 10-gallon on top of any marginal singer, and you have
a new hat act. Having said that, there are some decent country acts
out there that lean more toward traditional country, yet updated for
the current times. One such band is BR5-49, which you can tell from
the name, makes a nod toward the old “Hee Haw” television show. What’s
so different about BR549 (who now goes by their de-hyphenated name)?

Continue reading BR549

Congrats to Matt The Cat and Kelly!

And you thought the days of old-time radio DJs were gone? Not at XM Radio, where some of the channels have real living, breathing personalities behind a microphone.  As some already know, XM5 (“50s on 5”) is one of my few regular stops on the XM dial, and a lot of it is due to the evening Night Prowl show by Matt The Cat.  I happened to pop into his website on a regular visit, and found out the news: Matt The Cat is now engaged to Cross Country Kelly!  Short version of the story: Kelly picked up and moved from California to Washington, DC (where XM’s headquarters is located), and phoned in nightly requests and reports to Matt on her trip east.  After she arrived they met, one thing led to another, and they are now engaged!  Rather than beam Kelly up to the satellite, The Cat took her up the old fashioned way to propose: in a hot air balloon, at sunset.  How cool is that?  So, to Kelly and Matt, “Wildcat” Rudy and the gang send along congratulations and best wishes for the happy couple!  (And you can hear the announcement over at Kelly’s sister Melia’s site.)

“First Pressing” CD Resource

My friend Keith has just revamped his website, where you will find listings and details about early first pressing CDs, gold CDs, SACDs and DVD-Audio discs. Also included are a lot of early Japanese pressings, as well as the famous WEA “target” CDs that many CD collectors prize. Want to find out if your CD is an early or first presssing? Check out the site at and take a look!